In keeping with their 'sweet' theme, it's been officially announced that the new version of Google Android 5.0 will be called Android Lollipop. We could be seeing Android Lollipop in just a few weeks as it's expected to be launched alongside several new Google devices including a couple of Nexus tablets. There are some great upgrades to look forward to such as an overhaul of the design and look of the Android operating system, a brand new notification system complete with 'smart filters', a more efficient system run time called ART and a new battery management tool which could eke an additional 90 minutes of battery time. Another feature we're looking forward to getting our hands on is the option to have different user profiles for personal and professional use on Android smartphones. Watch this space for more news on Android Lollipop over the coming weeks.

william_pulsWhilst we're on the subject of new things, singer and entrepreneur has just unveiled his latest fashion meets latest technology device, a wearable called a PULS. The innovative PULS gadget is a cutting-edge 'fashion technology' wearable which you wear on your wrist. It's not just a smartwatch or a fitness tracker but it incorporates features from both types of wearables as well as a GPS map system, music player, access to social network apps and you can also use it to make calls or send texts without having to link up to your smartphone. Other products soon to make their debut from the company include a backpack complete with a sound system, shoes which track your steps and weight and a jacket which can power the PULS wearable.

Talking of innovation, Samsung have been working on something rather cutting edge of their own - a 5G network. 5G networks are yet to be launched but they aren't too far away so a few technology companies have been experimenting with their own networks. Samsung have been busy playing around with their 5G creation and have managed to reach download speeds of up to 940MB indoors and an incredible 150MB per second when testing on a racetrack whilst moving at 60 miles per hour. Impressive!

And finally, do you remember us telling you about the new mobile payments system from Apple which was launched with the iPhone 6?  Well, Apple Pay is 'going live' today.  We think it'll be more popular than other mobile payments systems because of the trust in the Apple and because it's supposed to be more secure as it will not store any data related to the transactions made via the system. Don't get too excited though - it's only launching in the US for the time being, and only in selected stores but if it takes off, it won't be too long before it arrives here in the UK.