Apple Music for Android Phones

It's finally here - Apple Music is now available as an app for all Android phones, breaking the barriers and letting music flow across devices. So don't let your iTunes library collect dust, you can now access all the songs you had purchased and download full albums onto your phone. Try it today:


New Flip Phone from Samsung

Reports say that Samsung is readying a flip phone. It could just be rumours based off the latest hit by Adele, which we talked about in a previous article here, but we are seeing leaked photos online. What do you think of flip phones? Did you own one? Would you buy one now?


HTC One X9

The latest smartphone from HTC called the One X9 is coming up soon. It's got a 5.5 inch display and a gorgeous body - a flat back like we saw in the HTC One A9 (the one that looks just like the iPhone?).

We'll keep you updated on what we hear about it and when it launches in the UK. Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter or Facebook for more photos and news!