Let's start this week with a little news on BlackBerry, who chose this year's Mobile World Congress to introduce a couple of new smartphones.

Blackberry_LeapTheir new BlackBerry Leap handset sports a 5-inch HD display, an all-touch screen and a big 2800mAh battery which will give a whopping 25 hours of heavy usage between charges. It also has an 8-megapixel camera on the rear and 16GB of onboard storage. The Leap will be available next month throughout Europe.

But that's not all. Coming later on this year will be a Blackberry slider smartphone which will feature a curved screen, a touch display and a physical keyboard. This device hasn't been assigned a name as yet but we'll bring you more information as we have it.

Also unveiled at MWC were 2 new budget Microsoft Lumia smartphones called the Lumia 640 and the Lumia 640 XL. The Lumia 640 is the smaller of the two with a 5-inch display and an 8-megaixel rear-facing camera. As the name suggests, the Lumia 640 XL is a phablet-sized smartphone which features a 5.7-inch display and an impressive 13-megapixel rear camera. Both of the Lumias have a quad-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, new front-facing cameras and decent size batteries. The Lumia 640 is due to be released in May whilst the Lumia 640 XL will be available in a few weeks.

In case you were wondering, the Apple Watch isn't the only new smartwatch in town - LG and Huawei unveiled a selection of smartwatches at MWC.

LG_WATCH_URBANE3.0.0There are two watches from LG called the LG Watch Urbane, one is a standard Android Wear smartwatch (i.e. the smartwatch version of Android) and the other will run on a new LG Wearable Platform operating system. The standard Urbane smartwatch pairs with an Android smartwatch and can be used to keep tabs on messages, notifications, calendar appointments and directions. The 4G version of the LG Watch Urbane has some fantastic features such as the ability to make and answer telephone calls and send text messages without the need to be hooked up to a smartphone. Both versions of the Urbane smartwatch boast a metal design with a round face. The 4G LG smartwatch comes with a 1.3-inch OED display and features a panic alarm in case you get lost or stranded, a walkie-talkie facility and is waterproof and dust proof. Fitness-wise, the 4G has a heart-rate monitor, a nine-axis accelerometer and a barometer.

The Huawei smartwatch is slightly bigger at 1.4-inches and has a scratchproof, crystal OLED display. It's also circular and metallic in design and includes a heart rate monitor and runs on the Android operating system.

And finally, some news on Apple, who are due to release their updated iOS8.2 very soon. There are some tweaks and improvements to the Health App which include the option to choose units of measurement for weight, height, distance and body temperature, improved handling of large amounts of data and a new privacy setting which means that you can turn off the steps tracker, distance travelled and flights of steps climbed. There have also been fixes to Maps, iTunes and Bluetooth calling.