samsung-curved-displayThe race is on for the first mobile phone maker to launch a curved handset and Samsung are vying to be ahead of the game with news that they are planning to launch a phone with a curved display. According to reports, the new curvy-screened smartphone could be unveiled as soon as October. Earlier this year Samsung were showing the world their bendy-screened prototypes and the new curved smartphone screens will be made from plastic OLED panels. It’s thought that the new handsets will feature in Samsung’s Active range; the curved screen will certainly mean that the phones will be robust and ideal for those who enjoy an active outdoors lifestyle.

Talking of new phones, there’s been speculation in the press that BlackBerry are planning on bringing out a budget phone called the ‘Americano’. Reports suggest that it might launch in the USA and that it may happen fairly imminently. The Americano apparently will be part of a new C-series budget range and other rumours suggest that the Americano will be touchscreen-only and will not feature a QWERTY keyboard. It’s expected to be 4G compatible and will come with a 4.2-inch screen; we’ll bring you more on it as we have it.

Whilst we're on the subject of Blackberry, we reported on the launch of Blackberry Messenger for Android last week. However, the launch of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android has been delayed after an unofficial version of the BBM Android app was posted online. Unfortunately the unauthorised Android app has caused problems for BlackBerry who are now working around the clock to resolve it so the proper app can be rolled out to Android users globally. The BBM iOS app is not affected and was apparently downloaded by over a million iOS users in the first 8 hours of its launch. If you’re impatiently waiting for the new app, you can register on the BlackBerry website to be notified of updates on when the official BBM Android app will be ready for downloading.

And finally, although we’re not expecting the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be released for a good few months yet, that doesn’t stop the speculation regarding what features are expected to be included in the new Samsung Galaxy handset. According to reports, Samsung have confirmed that the Galaxy S5 will come with a 64-bit processor similar to the iPhone 5s and rumour has it that it will boast an impressive 16-megapixel rear camera. It’s also likely to include 3GB of RAM which will be contained in a new redesigned slimmer chip which could mean a thinner handset and improved battery power. Watch this space for further updates on the Samsung Galaxy S5 as we get them.