Dual Selfie? LG V10

Yes, the latest smartphone from LG allows you to take two types of selfies, with 2 cameras in the front! All the manufacturers this year have been stressing the "selfie" features of their phones - Samsung with its "wide selfies" and Apple with the "emergency selfies". The LG V10 also lets you take a wider angled selfie with its two 5 mega pixel cameras.
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Unbreakable: Moto X Force

Boasting a shatter-proof display called the MotoShatterSheild, the latest smartphone from Motorola - the Moto X Force - is raising expectations. With 5 layers protecting the 5.4 inch screen, the Force is waterproof and comes with a four year guarantee against any damage!

The five protective layers are:

  1. Exterior Protective Lens - A protective layer with a proprietary hardcoat designed to guard against dents and abrasion.
  2. Interior Lens - This highly transparent layer provides a clear protective shield that won’t crack or shatter.
  3. Dual touch layer - In the event of an impact that damages the primary touch-sensitive layer, a second layer takes over to maintain touchscreen performance.
  4. AMOLED display - The flexible AMOLED display absorbs shock and provides amazing picture quality.
  5. Aluminum chassis - A rigid aluminum chassis provides structural integrity and durability.



Not All Hot Air: Google's Project Loon

This week, Google announced it would start testing its Internet-beaming balloons in Indonesia next year. The Loon project, curious as it is, will bring the Internet to about half of Indonesia's population that doesn't yet have access to the Internet.


And what better way to end this week than this Instagram account dedicated to Halloween, with beautiful Autumn colours. Hope you have a spooky Halloween!