Let's start this week with the news of lots of stories in the press speculating that the new iPhone will have a fingerprint reader. The evidence is news that leaks have suggested there will be a Biometric Kit folder in the new iOS 7. It’s thought that the fingerprint sensor would be using the latest in biometric technology and could be used as a security device to unlock the home screen or to verify payments for purchases. As Apple have also recently bought a company which specialises in mobile and network security and who make fingerprint sensor hardware, this could well be a sign of things to come.

Of course, that new iPhone that will be featuring the fingerprint sensor is probably going to be the iPhone 5S and that launch is probably only 6 weeks off - the 18th September is being cited as a potential unveiling date. Some are also speculating that the budget iPhone could well be launched at the same time - and a new product was launched this week that seemed to confirm that the budget iPhone really is fact, rather than pure speculation. That product is a case for the 'iPhone 5C' which has already appeared on the US Amazon site. Either someone is taking a bit of a gamble or they know something is definitely in the pipeline.

Of course, Apple's may be ringing the changes but it looks like their big rival, Samsung, will be doing exactly the same.  If you think Samsung's phones have been getting a bit 'samey' in terms of how they look, then you'll be pleased by the news that they're apparently considering some new ones for upcoming smartphones. The Galaxy Note 3 is expected to look like a typical Samsung handset but its launch is fairly imminent - longer term there could well be some significant design changes if patents filed in the USA and South Korea are anything to go by. We’ll certainly let you know as soon as we hear any more.

You might be an iPhone fanatic, a Samsung fan or even a Blackberry  devotee, but what does your choice of phone say about you?  That's exactly what a recent survey tried to find out.  What did it conclude? Apparently if you use an iPhone you’re most likely to rate yourself as very attractive, ambitious and you typically work in the Media industry, spend lots of money on new clothes and grooming and go on holiday a lot. Blackberry users are the biggest earners and are likely to work in Finance, Health or the Property industry and are loud and eat out a lot as well as sending the most text messages and making the most calls. If your preferred phone is an Android handset, like a Samsung, then you are not only considered the most polite but you also drink the most booze, watch the most TV and are busiest on social media as well as being creative and good at cooking.

Sound like you? Probably not. But it's all good fun.