As speculation pretty much reaches a frenzy in advance of the imminent expected launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C, there’s still plenty of new information circulating on what we can expect from these 2 new Apple handsets.

As regards the iPhone 5S, the latest rumours are that it will be available in a graphite gray colour (as well as gold, white and black) and lots speculation which add weight to the possibility that it will feature a new dual-core A7 processor. This would vastly improve the iPhone’s performance as it’s claimed to be up to 30% faster than the A6 chip. In addition, it looks like there could an option for bigger memory of up to 128GB and that they'll be a fingerprint sensor.

Information on the budget iPhone 5C certainly seems to indicate a plastic case, handsets in a range of vivid colours and the fact that its likely to run the new iOS7. There’s even been a rather large number of leaked photos published online which allegedly shows the 5S and 5C alongside each other from just about every conceivable angle. Roll on September 10th and the expected official unveil.

Talking of Apple, the imminent launch of Samsung's new Galaxy Gear SmartWatch has focused attention on Apple's much anticipated iWatch. The latest we have is that it’s unlikely to be hitting stores this year and we may have to wait as long as the second quarter of 2014. However speculation remains that the iWatch will feature a flexible display and will run on the new iOS7. As well as being an accessory for making calls, sending emails and texts and listening to music in conjunction with an iPhone, it’s also expected to incorporate health and fitness sensors similar to those featured in other popular wearables. Other rumours indicate that the iWatch may retail at £100-150 with claims that it could exceed orders topping 60 million.

60 is a number which has significance for EE too. Not only have they announced that their superfast 4G has recently gone live in its one hundredth town and city with the town of Accrington taking that honour but by the end of August EE's 4G network will cover 60 per cent of the UK population - that's far ahead of rival services. If you fancy being able to watch catch up TV and movies on your phone without any buffering, you should check out our 4G deals here.

Nomophobic? If so, you're not alone. The number of people with nomophobia is pretty significant with over fifty per cent of people in a recent survey admitting to suffering from this modern day affliction. What is it?  It's the fear of losing your phone, or to be more precise the fear of not having your phone on you, encompassing the related fear of running out of battery and losing your signal. Our suggestion? Keep your phone safe but try not to let nomophobia take over your life!