OK, you know the drill with new iPhones. One year, you get a re-designed phone with new hardware features and the following year, you get the 'S' version of that phone which has the same hardware shell but with a few upgraded features.  So the iPhone 5S, which is likely to appear this Summer or Autumn is likely to follow the same pattern, right?

Wrong, apparently.  We've heard before that the iPhone 5S is going to get a fingerprint sensor, but the latest rumour from reliable sources is that it will replace the home button and be covered in sapphire glass, an unscratchable material that Apple already use for their iPhone camera lenses.  Whether this will be some sort of new, fingerprint activated home button, or the home button is going, we're not sure but the latter is certainly credible with iOS 7 due to arrive in the coming months.

On, and while we're on the subject of Apple we may as well update you on the iPad Mini 2.  As we've mentioned before, a 2nd 'edition' of Apple's mini tablet - due out in the Summer or Autumn - is likely to feature a retina display but, if the latest rumours are true, the processor upgrade, which will give the whole thing more zip, may not be coming until early next year.

samsung-galaxy-s4-mini-leaked-imageOf course, Apple's biggest rival in the smartphone market are Samsung, and the Korean company's new flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, is selling like hotcakes.  However, we do know some of your prefer your smartphones to come in, well, svelter packages and those of you that do will be pleased to learn that the S4's more petite sibling, the Galaxy S4 Mini, is on the way.

What are the specs? Well, we've heard 4.3-inch display (a little bigger than the 4 inch display on its predecessor, the S3 Mini), a dual-core 1.6GHz processor (tasty) and an 8MP camera (not too shabby either).  If rumours are true, the release of the S4 Mini is imminent, so watch this space...

There's speculation that Amazon is working on a couple of smartphones, which is hardly a surprise - they are already in the tablet market, after all.  But the fact that one of those smartphones is going to have a 3D display is rather more comment-worthy.

You're clearly not going to wander around with a pair of 3D specs just so you can get the full benefit of your smartphone screen, and Amazon apparently recognize this, so the rumour is that they're going to use retina tracking technology so that the images seem to 'float' above the screen like a hologram. Whether it's true or not, and whether 3D tech on phones will prove to be a must-have or an unappealing gimmick we'll find out soon - the new device is rumoured to launch this Autumn.