iphone-6-concept-23The iPhone 6 rumours continue to build despite there being several months until Apple are expected to launch their latest smartphone. This week saw one of the biggest leaks so far in terms of what specs the mobile phone industry is anticipating seeing. The most recent speculation is that the iPhone 6 could be ultra-slim with a depth of possibly just 5.58mm thick - making it one of the slimmest smartphones on the market if true. Indications are that it will come with an Ultra Retina 4.7-inch screen complete with 389 pixels per inch and that it will be powered by a brand new and very powerful A8, 2.6GHz processor.

Talking of new phones, the latest flagship smartphone from HTC, the All New HTC One, is due to be unveiled on the 25th March at a dedicated event in New York. The great news for HTC fans is that there will be no delay in getting your hands on the new HTC flagship mobile phone as it will be available to buy immediately after its launch. It's thought that HTC are keen to gain a bit of march on some of its rivals as usually consumers have to wait several weeks or months after a new smartphone is launched before they can actually get their own handset. We'll bring you all the news on the All New HTC One over the next few weeks.

Now, if you're anything like us at Chitter Chatter HQ and you have a drawer-full or two of various chargers for mobile phones, iPods and tablets (many no doubt now obsolete but you don't throw them away 'just in case') this will certainly be of interest. The European Parliament have drawn up a law to regulate the manufacturing of chargers for electronic smart devices. With the backing of European politicians, the law will mean that smart device makers will have to in future incorporate one type of charging port into their device. The aim is to make life easier as all devices can be charged by the same type of charger and to reduce over 50,000 tonnes of electrical waste which has to be disposed of every year. Assuming the regulation is approved, manufacturers will have to comply with the new law by 2017.

And finally, two pieces of good news for Chitter Chatter customers - extensive testing and a recent survey has shown that telecoms giant EE is the UK's best mobile phone network. In every single performance category, EE came out top or in joint first place after mobile analytics specialists RootMetrics criss-crossed the UK testing the four UK mobile phone networks. RootMetrics travelled more than 20,000 miles all over the UK to test network reliability, speed, calls, texts and mobile internet in locations throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The comprehensive survey tested a phenomenal 840,000 samples which means that there was almost one sample tested for every 100 mobile phone contracts and EE was the best all round performer.

Secondly, if you're planning on an overseas holiday this summer, EE have just announced that 4G mobile broadband will be available to its users in 7 European countries. 4G coverage is already available in France and Spain and this will be rolled out to Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA by the summer of 2014. Even better 4G roaming will be charged at the same price as 3G roaming so you'll get much quicker downloads for the same cost.