There have been a couple of interesting iPhone 6 rumours flying around this week. There are reports that Apple are expecting to sell a phenomenal 70 million handsets in 2014 and therefore there's speculation that we could see the iPhone 6 launch sometime in the Summer. The anticipated phablet sized iPhone 6 smartphone may be delayed until 2015 according to speculation as apparently Apple are still trying to find a powerful enough battery which will be slim enough. There's also been a report which claims that the expected 5.5-inch Apple handset will be called the iPhone Air.

Apple_iWatchMore speculation has also surfaced concerning Apple's rumoured smartwatch. It's reported that Apple has extended company trademarks to cover devices which will include watches and there are also reports that Apple have applied for iWatch trademarks using a little known company which has the same registered address as Apple. This adds fuel to the fire that Apple's new smartwatch device will be called the iWatch. Apple are thought to be launching their iWatch later this year, watch this space for more information as we have it.

Also in the news this week is confirmation that Apple will be operating their own gadget recycling scheme. All 37 of Apple's retail stores in the UK will be participating in the scheme and any Apple devices such as iPhones, iPods, iPads and Macs will be accepted for recycling regardless of the state of the device. Apple are keen to reduce their impact on the environment and the scheme is part of their environmental initiatives.

Staying on the subject of Apple, this week a new version of iOS has been launched. iOS 7.1.1 provides a few more minor fixes for Apple device users. The main upgrade is additional improvements to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Other fixes include an upgrade to the keyboard responsiveness, Bluetooth keyboard update with VoiceOver and App Store listings with any in-app purchases will now be listed as such.

And finally, smartphone manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Google and HTC have joined forces in signing up for an agreement which will see an anti-theft 'kill switch' being made available in their handsets from July next year. The global voluntary agreement will mean that devices which go on sale from July 2015 onwards can be made inoperable by the ability to wipe data remotely if the handset is stolen. If the user is lucky enough to be reunited with their smartphone, the data can be apparently restored.