newbiggeriphonesayswsj-1337167646This week we have more speculation on the anticipated screen sizes for Apple’s future iPhones. There are even rumours that we could see a new iPhone 5C model in 2014.

Information seems to indicate that Apple is currently testing a new iPhone handset with a 4.9-inch screen. It certainly looks like new iPhone devices which feature a bigger screen are on the cards as more people use their smartphones to read ebooks and watch videos.

But iPhones are the only Apple device rumoured to be getting bigger.  The smart money is on Apple’s launching a new 12.9-inch iPad (the current iPad Air is 9.7-inches) - and it could be arriving sooner than we expected as the latest reports indicate that it could be launched early in 2014. Apple is hoping to compete with the larger tablets currently on the market and the bigger iPad could feature an ultra high definition (UHD)-standard display. It’s rumoured that Samsung are also bringing out their own larger Galaxy Tablet with speculation that it could come with a 12.2-inch screen. Further updates on the super-sized iPad (and Galaxy Tab) as we have it.

Also in the news this week is the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5. The S5 is expected to come with an eye-scanning device and this is backed-up by a patent which has been filed by Samsung for ‘iris scanning’ technology. The patent includes an image of a prototype S5 complete with everything needed for eye-scanning such as a sensor, camera and light emitting device. Other rumoured S5 specs could be an impressive 2560 x 1440p display, a metal design and a 64-bit Exynos processor.

And there's more patent news from Samsung, this time concerning a ‘bended’ display. The patent in particular was filed back in May but has only recently been made public. Many thought that the prototype exhibited by Samsung at the beginning of 2013 was far-fetched but it seems that Samsung are on a mission to bring us a curved or bended handset within the next year or so. We’ll bring you more on Samsung’s curvy smartphones as we get it.