iphone-6-dummy-3What else can we start this week's Chitter Chatter with other than the iPhone 6? Two little nuggets of information have leaked out this week. The first is that the main difference between the 2 handsets - most analysts are predicting a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch 'phablet' version - is that the larger version is going to have Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) built into its camera whereas the smaller version won't. OIS compensates for camera shake when you're taking your picture for sharper images.  We should stress that 4.7 inch version, with or without OIS, is still going to take great photos - not having it hasn't hampered any of Apple's previous iPhones.

Secondly, the launch date seems to have some forward to 19th September. Analysts agree that we should see the 4.7 inch version on that date, but there's disagreement as to whether the 5.5 inch version will be revealed at the same time.

Talking of smartphones being launched in September, we're expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 then too - at least, according to a recent report. To be precise, the Note 4 is expected to be launched at the IFA trade show in Berlin in the middle of the month.  We weren't expecting to see the Note 4 until November - perhaps Samsung has brought it forward due to the imminent launch of Apple's own phablet? Time will tell.

Good new for all of you heading overseas for a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation - the latest roaming charge reduction, imposed by the EU, is coming into effect on 1st July. Text messaging will be down to 6 cents (from 8), outgoing calls down to 19 cents (rather than 24) and receiving incoming calls down to 5 cents (from 7). But the biggest reduction is in data roaming, down a sizeable 55% from 45 cents per MB to 20 cents. So if you want to sneak in a cheeky tweet or post a Facebook holiday selfie, you needn't worry too much about how much it's going to cost you.

And finally, Google Glass has arrived in the UK. However, those of you thinking of picking up a pair of Google's voice-activated smartglasses need to be aware they're going to set you back £1,000. If you do pick up a pair, you can use them to shoot still images and video as well as access the internet.  And you won't need to put on an American accent for your 'Glass' to respond to your commands - the software has been modified to recognise our distinctive British accents.