Google-Nexus-5-red-leakGood news for those iPhone users who's phone tends to get the odd knock - it's rumoured that the iPhone 6 could feature a screen which will be 'virtually unbreakable'. It's thought that Apple are about to start manufacturing mobile phone screens in sapphire glass at their factory in Arizona. Currently Apple uses sapphire glass to cover the Touch ID button and the cameras on both of their iPhone 5s but it's expected that it could be featured on the screens of many more Apple devices in the future. Sapphire glass is exceptionally tough and robust and used by the military in their vehicles. It's claimed that it's several times stronger than Gorilla Glass and is also more resistant to scratches.

Not to be outdone by rumours and speculation, predictions on what we can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S5 continue to hot up. Likely to be one of THE most eagerly anticipated phones of this year, news on what features Samsung will pack into their S5 are coming in on a daily basis. The latest speculation is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a fingerprint scanner rather than an iris scanner if the leaked images on the net are anything to go by. At the moment there are no indications if this would be a just a security feature or if it could be used for shortcuts along the lines of the HTC One Max. Documents have also been leaked which indicate it will boast a touchscreen with a WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1440, that is a 2k resolution which will give clarity similar to that you get with cinematography. Watch this space for more on the Galaxy S5 over the next few weeks.

Facebook are celebrating their ten year anniversary and have recently unveiled a new separate iPhone app called Paper. It's essentially a news-reading style of app which incorporates many of the key features from the original Facebook app. It's a bit like a more refined and sophisticated way to read and use your Facebook and features a horizontal scrolling screen rather than the usual vertical one. Encouraging you to take time to read and ingest your news feed, Paper displays every status update and photo in full screen and news stories are laid out like Twitter-style cards. The idea is to swipe through the cards taking your time to view the updates and photos at a more leisurely pace. When you use Paper to post, the new format screen will give you a pre-view of your post before you actually hit the button to make it live. Paper will be available to iPhone users in the USA from the 3rd February.

Also with leaked images on the web is Google's Red Nexus 5. The rather beautiful looking bright red smartphone could be launched in the next few days. There are rumoured to be a lot more vibrant Nexus 5 colour options in the pipeline and the range could also include handsets in yellow, orange, purple, green and blue. The new colourful mobile phones in the Nexus 5 range are thought to feature the same specs as the original black and white Nexus 5 smartphones which include a 5-inch full HD touchscreen, a powerful quad-core processor and Android 4.4 KitKat. The Nexus 5 has proved to be a best-seller for Google as it offers a high-end smartphone at a very reasonable price.