iphone 7

We are only months away from the next iPhone release, the iPhone 7. As usual, rumours are swirling around the Internet about how the phone will look, what will power it and what kind of new features will set this model apart from its predecessors. Here we gather together some of the theories.

No Headphone Jack

A widely-distributed rumour is that there will be no headphone jack on the new iPhone. This means you will either have to buy new headphones with an Apple Lightning connector or use wireless headphones. This potential new feature has stirred up some controversy with many people seeing this as just another way for Apple to own another iPhone accessory with its custom port design. The design reason behind this may be to make the new phone even thinner, without the need for the standard audio jack.

Gesture Controls

3D Touch was a key feature of iPhone 6S allowing the user to do more with the touchscreen by different levels of pressure. Patents filed by Apple in 2015 suggest that they might be taking this one step further with the phone being controlled without actually touching it - gesture controls like a smaller-scale xbox motion controller.

iphone 7

Wireless Charging, More Power and High-Res Display

There are many rumours to sift through, but it seems likely that the iPhone 7 will have a higher resolution screen, maybe even a 4K display for razor sharp imagery. Also, it is likely to get a boost in processing power with the possibility of moving from dual to hexacore processors. Another popular feature that has been put forward is wireless charging. This is something that has been seen already from other manufacturers and would no doubt be a great feature for the iPhone.

All we know is that we can't wait to see what Apple have up their sleeve.