iphone se


Apple have unleashed their latest iPhone. Many people were surprised that instead of iPhone 7, the next iPhone is the SE, a smaller model, designed to appeal to a wide audience at an affordable price.

Although it is smaller than the iPhone 6 at only 4 inches, it still packs a punch with the same advanced A9 chip used in that phone. On top of processing power, it boasts a 12 megapixel camera for great photos and 4K ultra HD quality videos.

The SE also retains the high quality display of the iPhone 6 with the same 326 PPI Retina display.

All in all, it is a small phone with great quality and deceptive power at a great price.

Anyone who has struggled to get their hands around the current big screen phones or to jam them in their jeans pocket will also enjoy the more compact size.

Early users have also found the battery power compares very well with bigger iPhones - no doubt because the screen is smaller, it can run for longer.


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