Christmas is coming so all of the console manufacturers have some treats in store for their fans. Let's have a look at the latest upgrades, new consoles and upcoming launches in the gaming world.

Nintendo grabbed gamers' attention worldwide with the release of the first video featuring their new console, the Switch. Although not set for release until March next year, there is plenty of excitement around this console which combines handheld and home gaming. The main unit is a large handheld screen with removable controllers on each side. These controllers slide away, so the console can be placed in a home unit, which then allows big screen gaming on a TV.

Combining Nintendo's long expertise in handheld gaming with a home console is an interesting innovation and they will hope to move on from the less successful Nintendo U console.

xbox one s

Xbox fans have not been left behind however with Microsoft launching the upgraded Xbox One S.

The new version of the popular console is much smaller than the original Xbox One and allows 4K and HDR gaming. The console is much sleeker and the hi-res gaming adds an extra dimension and also means that 4K viewing is available for services like Netflix via the console.

playstation vr

Sony are not far behind their rivals and the newest version of the PlayStation is due to be released in November. The PlayStation Pro will also bring in 4K gaming and viewing plus a more powerful, faster processor. This will improve the gaming experience, but also help get the best out of Sony's other recent release, PlayStation VR.

Already available in the shops, Sony's PlayStation VR headset may well prove to be the device that brings VR to a wider audience. It requires the PlayStation camera to work and is controlled with PlayStation Move controllers. Sony has a range of full games, mini-games and VR experiences available at the launch, so it is already amongst one of the best supported devices available and come at a much better price than rivals such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Looks like there is a lot to look forward to for gamers with a trend towards high-definition and VR gaming, plus the quirky portability of Nintendo's Switch - better start saving now.