We're expecting Apple to unveil several new iPads as well as new Mac PCs tomorrow and they could be available to buy the following week. There has been speculation that Apple have been recently working on a new iPad Air model and we could even see a gold edition being launched. The new iPad Air devices are thought to have had a bit of a makeover with a more slimline and curvy design, possibly as thin as 7mm in depth and are expected to feature a Touch ID sensor on the home button. It's rumoured that the new versions could come in similar colours to the iPhone 6 smartphones.

While we're on the subject of Apple, there were also reports this week that Apple have filed a patent for an innovative flexible display screen which has been dubbed a 'digital periodical' that can display information sent to it by a smartphone. The fully flexible screen can be folded or rolled up and has the potential in the future to be used as in-store signs or even billboards. Watch this space for more news as we have it.


From Apple to BlackBerry and recent leaks from a trusted source indicate that the latter could soon be releasing a gold BlackBerry Passport smartphone. Currently the latest BlackBerry handset is only available in black and white however BlackBerry could be about to join the trend for releasing a gold version of their premium smartphone. Images leaked online of the purported gold handset show a rather tasteful black and gold design which we could see in stores soon.

For mobiles to mobile payments and although we could be in for a bit of a wait until Apple Pay mobile payments is up and running in the UK, a company called Zapp have been making great progress with their own mobile payment system which is expected to be up and running in 2015. Zapp have recently announced partnerships with some of Britain's big retail companies which include Sainsbury's, Asda, Thomas Cook and House of Fraser so we could soon be paying for our shopping with our smartphones. The Zapp App will link the retailer with your bank to enable payments to be made via smartphones using QR codes, online payment buttons or NFC. Expect to see lots of advertising and promotion of mobile payments ahead of its launch next year.

And finally, you can probably think of quite a few friends or acquaintances who's posts on Facebook can be a bit on the irritating side. A recent survey has found that the most annoying Facebook users are those who boast or gush about their other half. It seems that we don't appreciate those lovey-dovey posts about your beloved over our cornflakes in the morning or in fact at any other time of the day. Other users who also weren't very popular included fitness fanatics, people who complained all the time and obsessive animal lovers.