samsung_logoNot to be outdone by Apple’s new iPads, Samsung are reportedly working on 2 new tablets which will be released in 2014. The new tablets are anticipated to feature AMOLED display technology similar to Samsung’s hugely popular Galaxy Note 3 and S4 smartphones. It’s thought that the new tablets will be aimed at the upper end of the market with a choice of an 8-inch or 10-inch screen. Indications are that Samsung will still use LCD screens for its mid and budget range of tablets. We could see at least one of the tablets launched in early 2014 around the same time as the new Samsung Galaxy 5.

LG’s G Flex curved smartphone was only launched last month, yet LG are already working on a new handset which is said to be significantly more flexible that its predecessor. Rather than having a subtle curve like the G Flex, reports suggest that its sequel will be very flexible and could be bendable up to 90 degrees. With smartphone manufacturers racing to develop handsets which can be folded up, LG are doing their utmost to be the pioneer in the flexible mobile phone market. It may not be too long into 2014 before the new LG flexible smartphone makes its debut.

Those designers at Nokia must be burning the midnight oil considering the number of new devices emerging from the technology giant lately. Rumours are that there are a couple of new gadgets which are said to be in test phase include a 4.5 inch smartphone featuring a dual SIM and an 8.3 inch Lumia tablet. Nothing has been confirmed by Nokia as yet but the model numbers are certainly numbered along the same lines as previous Nokia devices. Watch this space for more news on Nokia devices in the near future.

The term 'geek' is often associated with absent mindedness, after all if you’re a genius in the making, you don’t have time to be worried about more mundane things. But if your other half is driving you insane and constantly losing things or if you’re just fed up of never being able to find anything, there could be a solution. Google have just made their ‘Android Device Manager’ available for mobile devices. The free download is now live in Google’s Play Store and works along similar lines to ‘Find My iPhone’. The Android Device Manager can help you locate your various android devices which are linked to your Google account. You can also use it to delete all the data on your smartphone and reset the PIN to access your phone.