It's been a great year for phones, but almost as soon as a new phone comes out, there is speculation about what's coming next for that model.

Let's take a look at what we could expect to see in 2017.

Rumours are already brewing for the next iPhone. It is said it could have an all-glass OLED screen and offer wireless charging.

Other rumours include the phone having no home button or a rotating bezel control like the Apple Watch.

We expect there will be plenty more speculation to come about the next iPhone, so watch this space.

Samsung's next big phone will be the Galaxy 8. Already, there are thoughts that this phone may not have a headphone jack, like the iPhone 7.

Dual speakers are another prediction after Samsung acquired audio company Harman.

Other sources say that because of the success of the Edge version of the S7, that there might not be a flat version of the S8 and that the phone will have 4k screen resolution.

Rumours for the successor to LG's G5 are suggesting an all-glass premium phone with an OLED screen. It also seems likely that the modular approach pioneered for the G5 will be dropped for the new phone.

And finally Nokia are going to be back in 2017. Plans are to release new phones powered by Android under the famous Nokia brand name.