We're very excited here at Chitter Chatter as there's not long to go until we can get our mitts on the new Samsung Galaxy S5. There's been endless speculation on what features the S5 will offer with the latest leaks all but confirming what we think Samsung will unveil when they launch their newest flagship smartphone. So it looks like we will be seeing a 5.2-inch screen with a 2k resolution and most certainly a more powerful 3,000 mAh battery and an upgraded 16 or 20-megapixel camera. There's also been more rumours on the alleged fingerprint scanner which we're expecting to feature on the S5. It's now claimed that it will be embedded in the S5's home button (similar to the iPhone 5S) and it may have the capability to store up to 8 different fingerprints which could be used to protect or hide certain apps or content for privacy purposes - watch this space for further updates!

samsung-galaxy-gear-smartwatch-2Samsung are sure to be in demand at MWC at the end of the month. Not only will they unveil their S5 smartphone but they're also expected to debut a couple of Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatches and several Galaxy Tab 4 tablets. It's expect that the Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatches will now come with a flexible OLED display rather than the Super AMOLED screen which featured on the original. There's also speculation that at least one of the Smartwatches will run on Samsung's Tizen operating system rather than on Android. We'll bring you more on Samsung's new smartwatches as we get it.

BlackBerry has been pretty quiet of late but according to reports they will soon have a new smartphone to add to their collection - the BlackBerry Z3. The Z3 has been developed as a partnership with Foxconn who are a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer who are responsible for the production of some top-end products including iPhones, iPads and the Xbox One. The Z3 will be aimed as an entry-level mobile phone and is expected to feature a 5-inch QHD display (960 x 540), a 5-megapixel rear-mounted camera with a 5x digital zoom and a 1.1-megapixel camera on the front. It's likely to be powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and include 1.5GB of RAM and 8GB of built-in storage. It will run on the latest BB10 operating system and is thought to have a decent 2,650mAh battery. We could also see it make its debut at MWC this month.

An interesting report has just been published by the European Commission regarding our use of overseas roaming within the European Union. It seems that rather a lot of us are not prepared to pay the costs of roaming when we're travelling outside of our own country. The survey represents the views of 28,000 European residents who live in 15 different countries and discovered that a quarter of us don't use our mobile phones at all when travelling abroad and almost half of those that do use it, would not use it to surf the web. A large proportion of us don't use it for making calls and 25% wouldn't use it to send a SMS. What's your view on overseas roaming - do you think the costs are reasonable or do you leave your phone well alone?