The most exciting news this week is that the release of the new Samsung flagship smartphone might be happening sooner that we think - in January in fact. And Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be a dramatic overhaul to its predecessor too. We're probably going to get a premium metal body, as well as a 64-bit processor to match the one powering the new iPhone 5s. We're also expecting Samsung to take a leaf out of Sony's book and produce a phone that's waterproof and dustproof, although rumours that it will sport a fingerprint scanner appear to be wide of the mark. We'll bring you more news as we have it.

Talking of new flagship smartphones, let's switch our attention to Apple. Of course, they've just released their latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5s, so the rumour mill has turned its attention to the next in line, the iPhone 6, and in particular, the size of its screen. A source claims (and it's a pretty reliable source, Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald, a notorious Apple tipster) that Apple will be increasing the screen size up to around 5-inches. We've heard rumours of a 4.7-inch screen before so the rumour mill seems to be in broad agreement, and we think anything above 5-inches is extremely unlikely, so wedded are Apple to one hand operation. We've got a year to wait (probably) until the iPhone 6 is released, so we've got plenty of further speculation to look forward to.

Nokia-Lumia-1520 (1)Before we leave the subject of rumoured mobile devices, we should briefly turn our attention to Nokia and 2 rumoured devices - the Nokia Lumia 1520 and the 2520. The former is likely to be a Nokia's first foray into the 'phablet' market with a 6-inch screen with 1080p full HD resolution, available in a range of funky colours if leaked images are anything to go by. The latter marks Nokia's entry into the tablet market with a device with a 10.1-inch display (if the rumours are true). It's likely that both will be announced at Nokia's annual conference on 22nd October, so if either of the above has piqued your interest, you won't have long to wait.

Finally, let's switch our attention from phones that haven't yet been released to ones that are very much on the market with the results of the recent Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2013. Which phone one the coveted best phone award? We're pleased to say it was the excellent HTC One, which also won Best Video Camera and Best Design. Samsung scooped Manufacturer of the Year, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 winning the Most Innovative Device award. Other winners included the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for Best Multimedia Phone, the Nokia Lumia 620 for Best Value of the Year and Sony Xperia Z for Best Camera.