Let's start this week witt the the reports that have been circulating this week concerning Samsung's next flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6. The rumours are that Samsung are already busy developing the S6 at their headquarters in South Korea and the code name for their forthcoming new smartphone is 'Project Zero'. Much is being made of the Project Zero tag as it indicates that Samsung are looking to totally redevelop the Galaxy S6 with speculation that there will be some huge changes. The Galaxy S6 could be unveiled early in 2015, possibly to coincide with MWC which is held in March. The S6 is rumoured to feature a metallic premium design, a 2560 x 1440 QHD display, a 20-megapixel rear camera and will run on Android 5.0 Lollipop. We'll bring you more on the Galaxy S6 as soon as we have it.

Apple_Watch1Talking of exciting things happening in the New Year, we're eagerly waiting to get our mitts on Apple's wearable the Apple Watch. According to the latest speculation the Apple Watch could be available in the UK in time for Spring. There's been quite a bit of debate about the battery life for the Watch as Apple haven't disclosed until now how long their Apple Watch is likely to last between charges. At a conference last week Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has indicated that the Apple Watch is likely to need charging daily particularly as the Watch is likely to be used throughout the day similar to the usage of the average smartphone. The Moto 360 also needs charging daily whereas some smartwatches can be used for a couple of days before their batteries need a charge.

Of course, the Apple Watch isn't just a watch, it's got health and fitness tech built in too.  Fitness sure is big business these days particularly for the smartphone and wearable technology world. Google are the latest to launch a great fitness app for Android users with their Google Fit app. Google Fit is likely to be right up there competing with the likes of Apple Health, the app is free and is ready to download. One of Google Fit's main advantages is that it can connect with other fitness wearables and apps to collate all of your health and fitness stats in the same place. Google Fit will measure the number of steps you take, the distance you've travelled, calories burned and can monitor your heart rate in conjunction with a wearable which offers this functionality. You can set your own goals and can keep tabs on your weight, sleeping habits and any other health and fitness stats which you currently track using a compatible app or wearable. Definitely worth a download before the season of overindulgence begins.

And finally, a completely novel type of smartphone is set to be released in Japan next month. It's been designed to offer a more personal and interactive experience as it comes with its own personality and will even offer spoken emotional support and motivational advice. In the morning it can wake you up with the daily weather forecast and the current time, it will encourage you to relax and go to bed earlier if you have a meeting scheduled for the next morning and it will say the Japanese equivalent of 'ouch' when you drop it! The new handset only speaks Japanese at the moment but it's certainly an interesting new concept for the future of smartphone technology.