We could be only weeks away from the launch of the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 and speculation and rumours concerning Samsung's new smartphone are rife. If the latest reports on the S6 are true, then we could soon be seeing one of the must-have mobile phones of the year. Some of the exciting features the S6 is anticipated to come with include a 5.1-inch Quad HD display with a resolution of 577 pixels per inch with superior visibility in bright sunlight and a dim mode for night time, super quick and wireless charging and a 20-megapixel rear camera.

The Galaxy S6 is also expected to include an eight-core processor rumoured to be fifty per cent faster than the S5, a huge 2550mAh battery, 4GB of RAM and a minimum of 32GB of onboard storage. There's speculation that the S6 will feature a payment system called 'Samsung Pay' which will work with NFC payment terminals and about 90% of existing in-store payment terminals with magnetic readers. We can't wait to get our hands on one of these beauty's which we reckon will be unveiled at or before MWC in March.

htc_one-wear-smartwatchesAs well as a new smartphone on the way from HTC (the HTC One M9), it's been reported that they will soon be unveiling their very first smartwatch which is rumoured to be called the HTC One Wear. The HTC smartwatch is due to make its debut at MWC at the beginning of March and it's expected that it will hook up with the fitness service offered by Under Armour. The smartwatch is thought to have a strong emphasis on health and fitness and there are claims that it will be completely different to any other wearable on the market. There's speculation that the HTC On Wear will sport a similar design to the Moto 360 watch with a rounded face and it could be available in a choice of materials such as metal and polycarbonate. We'll bring you more on the HTC One Wear over the coming weeks.

Us Brits certainly love our smartphones but a recent study showed that we're not the most security savvy when it comes to protecting them. A recent report unearthed some worrying statistics, with over a third of smartphone users not using a screen lock and the majority of us (57%) failing to ensure we have anti-virus software installed. We are also guilty of not backing-up important data stored on our smartphones, not logging out of our social media accounts and 15% of those surveyed had been victim to an unauthorised user buying goods or accessing personal information on their handset. The advice is to ensure you lock your phone with a PIN, log out of social media accounts when not in use and consider installing security software so if your phone is hacked or stolen you're not at risk of identity fraud as well.

And finally, there's good news for anyone who needs to make frequent pit-stops to charge up their smartphone during the day as coffee giant Starbucks has announced that customers will be able to charge their handsets up wirelessly in the UK. Initially the facility will only be available in 10 Starbucks branches in London which will be ready at the end of January but the hope is that it will be rolled out across the UK in due course. Starbucks will be using a Powermat charging device which are compatible with older and newer iPhones and any smartphone with a standard micro USB port.