NextGalaxy-970-80As we get closer to the launch of the new premium Samsung Galaxy S6 (less than 2 weeks to go and counting!) the rumours are building nicely. Samsung have even been getting in on the act with a few cryptic blog posts as well as releasing short video clips on Twitter. So the latest rumours are that we can expect the S6 to feature super-fast wireless charging, an impressive battery life and the phone is set to wow us with its stellar performance. Roll on the 1st March, we can't wait!

Also at the beginning of March, LG are expected to launch their new flagship smartphone, possibly after MWC, the LG G4. There has been quite a bit of speculation surrounding the G4 too with reports that we could see some sort of flexible screen, a 16-megapixel rear camera and the new Snapdragon 810 processor. The stylus rumours are not going away so look out for the so-called 'G Pen'. And we're expecting to see the G4 up and running on Lollipop straight away.

As well as the G4 smartphone, there has been a lot of debate concerning a wearable from LG which is thought to be a metallic smartwatch. The LG smartwatch is rumoured to be making its debut at MWC and will run on the Android Wear platform. With a traditional circular design, it's anticipated to be called the LG Watch Urbane and it's likely to come with a touch 1.3-inch display and is water and dust resistant. It's likely to come with the usual sensors and will be compatible with smartphones running on Android 4.3 and upwards.

A 'This Week's Chitter Chatter' wouldn't be the same without a bit of Apple news and this week news that the world's most profitable company are planning on launching their very own music streaming service some time in the summer. It's thought that it will be available when the iOS8.4 operating system is released which means it will automatically be available to iPhone users as soon as it makes its debut. The purchase of Beats, which cost Apple around $3 billion, should be proof enough that Apple intend to be up there competing with the best music streaming services. Apple also have the advantage of already having more than 800 million iTunes users' credit card details stored so there is huge potential to rival other streaming services such as Spotify which are said to have around 15 million subscribers.

And finally, to the knotty subject of what happens to your Facebook account after you've shuffled off this mortal coil. Facebook is a big part of mainly people's lives particularly when it's full of photos and memories going back over many years. Rather than an account lying dormant when it's user passes away, there's now the option to nominate one of your friends and family to look after your page after you die. At the moment, this facility is only available in the USA but it's hoped that it will soon be rolled out to users worldwide. If you choose someone close to you to look after your Facebook page then they will be able to write posts, action friends requests and also download photos and other information which may be required. If the thought of someone else controlling your page fills you with horror, the there's always the option to have your account removed permanently.