No sooner had rumours leaked out that Apple's iWatch was more than just idle speculation, we're hearing news that all and sundry are now planning their own smartwatches, with confirmation from Samsung, Google and LG.

Other than confirming they're working on them, details from all 3 firms are rather sketchy, However,  it's likely that the functionality connected to this new form of 'wearable technology' will be more or less the same whichever smartwatch you opt for - that is, the ability to sync it with your smartphone and check messages or other notifications (although we're assuming they'll tell the time too!)

google_watchPerhaps the most interesting rumours concern Google's smartwatch which, based on a patent filed in 2011, may have a “flip-up" display - a bit like an old fashioned pocketwatch.  This feature - if that's the route they're pursuing - would enable their smartwatch to have a dual display.

Talking of new devices being launch, speculation is still rife regarding how Apple will react to the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

One analyst has speculated that the iPhone 5S, which most expect to launch later this year - will come with some 'killer' feature which will blow away the competition. If it does, that new feature is likely to be software rather than hardware based and may be linked to changes to the phone's iOS operating system - especially as that part of the company is now under the control of design guru Sir Jony Ive.

As regards the iPhone 6, which is likely to be launched in 2014, several new rumours have surfaced this week.

The first is that it will come in a variety of sizes - taking a leaf out of Samsung's book.  So we may not have just an iPhone 6 - but an iPhone 6 Mini, an iPhone 6 'regular' and an iPhone 6 XL.


Other speculation is that the new smartphone will come with finger print security technology (based on Apple's acquisition of security software company Authen Tec last year) and with eye and head tracking technology. The latter will allow users to scroll screens and even play games using just eye and head movement.

On the subject of iPhones, we've also heard more this week about the 'budget' iPhone - namely that it will have a 4 inch screen.  Analysts have said for many months that Apple needs a budget device to crack emerging markets such as China and India, but a budget device would do go down well in the UK too.

Finally, we bring you news that Facebook may be good for you after all.  Looking at your own wall posts may seem like a pointless thing to do - after all, isn't Facebook supposed to be about what your friends are doing? - but apparently 90% of us do it. And good thing too, because new research from the University of Portsmouth suggests it's a form of 'self-soothing' which apparently improves our moods, particularly when we're a little down.   After all the news of the downsides of Facebook - cyber-bullying, social media boasting and like - it's good to hear that something we all love so much can do us some good.