Storm Barney

Even as a storm is upon us, Brits - at least online - are not taking it too seriously. Its name might be one of the reasons. And the weatherman isn't making it easier either with warnings to not take "storm selfies". Even the Dublin Fire Brigade got in on the fun! All jokes apart, we hope that you are staying safe indoors. Check out these interesting tweets we found:





Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year is an emoji

The emoji known as 'Face with Tears of Joy' - which has its origins in Japan, has been named the Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionary. This news doesn't come as as much of a surprise, given that the previous words chosen have also been interesting too - remember "vape" from 2014, "selfie" from 2013 or "omnishambles" in 2012? This is the emoji that you need to know:

YouTube Kids App

A new YouTube app is now available just for kids. It takes the stress away from letting your child free on the Internet by shielding them from the worst of it - there's no violent, suggestive content on this app. You can also set time limits on the app, to moderate their viewing habits.

The app is free and is designed to appeal to kids between the ages of 3-8 years. Go on, download the app and let your kids discover their favourite videos on their own!

Available here on App Store and here on Google Play:


Viral this week: Kindness

And now for some feel-good news from Facebook - this photo went viral this week of an elderly couple teaching a young man how to tie his tie, sparking millions of responses and was shared 167,000 times in a span of just 48 hours.

Read the full story behind it on Facebook.