htc-m7_rumouredThe Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is almost upon us, an event which often sees big announcements from the major mobile phone manufacturers, so the rumour mill is rife as to what next week may bring.

At the moment there's plenty of buzz about a possible new top-end phone from HTC - the M7. Reports suggest the device will have a 4.7 inch HD display (up there with the Samsung Galaxy SIII) which will be around 40% sharper than existing high-end smartphones, as well as delivering superior colour accuracy and outdoor visibility.

The camera's also seen a significant upgrade - from the 8-megapixels of the HTC One X to a new 13-megapixel unit.

It will be powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm CPU, will offer 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage and will run on the Jelly Bean version of the Android operating system.

However, if cutting-edge technology is your thing, then you may want to hang on before you upgrade your phone because Google-owned Motorola is apparently working on a new prototype smartphone dubbed the 'Google X.'

Due to be launched sometime this year, the Google X has apparently been designed with really cutting edge features to make it stand apart from rivals such as the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, including gesture recognition.

Following the Google X Phone, reports claim that Motorola will turn its attentions to the Google X Tablet.  Watch this space!

Of course, not everyone wants to be forking out for a top of the range smartphone so those of you who prefer more mid-range offerings will be interested to hear the latest rumours from Amazon and Apple.

Amazon_SmartphoneWe first mentioned the possibility of an Amazon phone last year and those rumours are beginning to solidify.  Apparently, Amazon's debut smartphone will have top end specs (although none of the specs have been released) but be sold at a bottom end price - as low as £60 from some reports, although a figure nearer £100-£125 seems more realiitic. If you're interested, and if you've already bought into Amazon via its Kindle products it could be a good move, then Amazon's new phone is supposed to be launching in the Summer.

If however, you're the sort that's lusted over the iPhone but never been able to justify the price tag to yourself, then the fact that Apple could be considering a 'mid-range' phone should pique your interest.

We should add that this is pure speculation from analysts and not based on any leaks from the Cupertino-based firm but the rationale is that Apple's sales are not growing as fast as smartphone sales and they risk losing out to manufacturers producing more affordable offerings. Also, if a consumer's first smartphone experience is on Android, they might want to stick to an operating system they know as they upgrade to higher spec phones - meaning Apple could lose out.

We'll know more about these and other rumours next week when CES gets underway. Pop back to the Chitter Chatter blog this time next week when we'll update you on all the latest developments.