budget-iphone-leaked-imagesWe've talked before about the speculation that Apple is about to launch a budget version of its flagship iPhone. Apple is apparently trying to emulate Samsung, who have been successful in gobbling up market share by launching a range of devices at different price points and spec levels.

Anyway, the latest we’re hearing is that Apple is moving some of its manufacturing to a smaller and relatively unknown technology company in a bid to cut its costs to the absolute minimum. That would seem to be a strong hint that a budget iPhone is on the cards soon. Adding credence to the rumours, ‘leaked’ images (see picture above) have appeared on the web of the alleged budget model. Of course, with Apple no rumours will be confirmed or denied until launch but we don't think we'll have long to wait for those of you craving to get your hands on some Apple kit without paying top notch prices.

Talking of Apple, information gleaned from an Apple patent document filed in the USA seems to indicate that the new iPhone 6, which is expected to be available in 2014, will feature a new official Apple-branded magnetic wireless charger. We're also continuing to hear rumours that the iPhone 6 will be available in a choice of different sizes to cater for demands from different markets and to reflect the rise in popularity of Phablet-sized handsets. Watch this space for more news as we get it.

And we may as well continue talking about Apple because their eagerly awaited WWDC 2013 conference is happening next week. And it’s widely expected that Apple will announce the launch of iRadio, their music streaming service to compete with the likes of Spotify and the new Google Play Music All Access. The reports are that Apple has now secured licensing deals with all of the major music giants, so it appears that its now all systems go. We’re looking forward to discovering whether they will offer a similar service to their competitors or have something different up their sleeves.

As we use our smartphones for more and more things, it becomes increasingly important to keep them secure. Someone could hack your password and get their hands on all sorts of sensitive data, so mobile phone companies have been looking at ever more elaborate ways to foil the hackers. Motorola has probably come up with the most extreme idea - they're looking into a ‘password pill’ which can be swallowed so you can access your handset through the signal the pill transmits. That idea is unlikely to come to fruition anytime soon but don't rule it out as a flight of fantasy - the same company have just unveiled an ‘electronic tattoo’ which features a small circuit and can be stuck onto your arm so identifying you as the owner of your handset.