color-iphone-5The launch of the iPhone 5S is getting closer and, as you'd expect, the rumours are starting to intensify.

Firstly, those of you rather bored with the limited colour options on will be pleased to learn that it looks like they'll be a least one colour option in addition to black and white. In fact, there could be as many as 3 new colour options. Apple isn't adverse to colour as it's iPod range demonstrates, so this seems a credible bit of speculation.

We're also hearing that the iPhone 5S handset may in fact be 3 handsets, each with a different sized screen.  Taking a leaf out of Samsung's book with their 'Mini' versions of the S3 and the S4, the reports are that Apple have decided that a 'one size fits all' approach will only limit sales.  We're not sure what sizes the 5S will come in but we'd guess a 4" version (as for the iPhone 5) a larger version (5 inches?) and a smaller version with an 3.5 inch screen, the same size as iPhones prior to the iPhone 5.

Want to keep up with the latest music trends?  Twitter has an app for that. At least, it will do.  It's about to launch an app that will allow you to find out which music is the trending on social media and to download it from iTunes.  It will also suggest new tracks based on your downloads and allow you to play music clips from SoundCloud and stream music video from Vevo. However, if you're a muso with an Android phone, you'll need to wait - it's expected to only be available for iPhone at launch.

Worried that you might be addicted to Facebook?  There's only one way to find out if you are - stop using it and see if you end up suffering withdrawal symptoms. That's what happened to 10 self-confessed Facebook addicts who took part in study conducted by the University of Westminster.

The 10 'guinea pigs' were forced to stop using their account for 4 weeks. Complete abstinence caused many of the participants to suffer withdrawal symptoms - with one complaining of feeling 'cut off from the world' and another admitting that she hadn't communicated with her family all week.

Those may be the downsides, but there were some upsides too. One participant caught up with her household chores whilst another spent more time with her daughter. Our advice? Facebook can be good for you - it's not called a 'social' network for nothing - but as with many things in life, it's best enjoyed in moderation!