Never ones to rest on their laurels, Apple are rumoured to be busy preparing for the manufacture and launch of the iPhone 6. No doubt keen to avoid supply issues which have overshadowed their previous new generation launches, trial production runs are apparently already taking place by Apple’s manufacturers with speculation that the iPhone 6 could be launched as early as next summer. As well as a new iPhone on the cards, plans are also afoot for the iPad 5 with many in the know expecting a  sleeker, thinner and lighter version which could be available from the middle of 2013.

If you’re not a fan of Christmas, you may well welcome the oversight by the Android Jelly Bean 4.2 operating system update which completely leaves out the entirety of December 2012! Maybe their developers don’t have busy social lives in our most popular festive month as although December still features in the calendar app, it is most certainly missing Google's People app - the centre of the mobile operating systems social experience. On the bright side though it looks like the latest Jelly Bean update has yet to reach a large number of devices so no doubt Google will be rectifying it as we speak. If you are one of those missing December 2012, we’d love to know!

Florals are still one of the hottest trends in fashion and Samsung are obviously keeping abreast of the fash-pack with their La Fleur collection of jackets for their in-demand Samsung III. Available in pink and white, the pretty flowery pieces of art are undoubtedly aimed at the fairer sex with the designs likely to be available in January, just in time for St Valentine’s Day. Samsung is also expected to be giving their Galaxy smartphones a bit of a flowery make over too.

Speaking of galaxies, but this time the ones far into space, Google has been impressing their users with their brilliant ‘Explore the Galaxy’ Chrome browser. With quite incredible technology, you can explore the entirety of the Milky Way galaxy accompanied by some suitably inspirational music by composer Sam Hulick. Fly yourself to the Sun, marvel at the exquisite stars, of which there are 100,000, and circumnavigate yourself back to Earth all the the comfort of your phone, tablet or PC. Not only is 'Explore the Galaxy' somewhat addictive, it’s also rather educational as you can gen up on your galaxy knowledge with the help of the Wikipedia descriptions as you zoom to your heart’s content.