Despite the well documented problems with Apple Maps, there’s speculation in the technology industry that Google Maps may not be approved or made available by Apple for its iPhone users. There is little love lost between the 2 tech giants and although Google developers have been apparently working very hard on a Google Maps for Apple app, many insiders are not convinced it will be approved anytime soon. No doubt there are some industry politics at play but Google will be hoping that Apple will slowly come around and agree to the map app as they did with Google Voice Search and Google Voice.

Talking of Apple, if you haven’t already got your hands on an iPad Mini you may want to hold fire as there are already rumours that an iPad Mini 2 is already in development! Barely a month has passed since Apple launched the iPad Mini but seemingly plans are afoot for its successor already. Topping the bill of rumoured improvements for the next generation model, is a change in screen to a Retina display which will markedly increase the pixel density from 163 to 329ppi and will bring its screen in line with some of its competitors. It’s also likely that it will feature an upgrade to its processor. Watch this space for more news; we expect the iPad Mini 2 to go into production within the next 6 months.

And whilst we're on the subject of launches, the much anticipated launch of the Blackberry 10 (BB10) smartphones has been is the news and is to take place on the 30th January 2013 with the launch of two brand new smartphones, one of which will have a traditional blackberry hardware keyboard and the other which will come with a touchscreen handset. Rumours are that the BB10s will be available in shops from March next year. For more on this and on the spec of the BB10 products, see our dedicated blog which will be posted in the next few days.

Something else that's been in the news is Star Wars, particularly the recent purchase of the Star Wars Production Company by the Walt Disney Studios. Not only could we see some ‘disneyfied’ Star Wars films in the future but the eagerly awaited Angry Birds Star Wars game has been released. Merchandise has already been in the shops for a few months and reviews of the game have been pretty complimentary. With some comical take-offs of the Star Wars characters including Obi-Wan-bird and the Darth Vader-pig, Angry Birds Star Wars has built on the original Angry Birds game with multi-gravitational battle fields and universes to conquer. It’s unlikely that hard-core Star Wars fans will be thrilled but lovers of the original Angry Birds game will no doubt have fun controlling a light sabre-fighting bird and the new challenges the game poses.