The new iTunes 11 software is now available and has possibly seen its biggest overhaul to date. With a contemporary and stylish new look, the playlist creation on iTunes v11 has been made much simpler so you no longer have to go in and out of your playlist to find the tracks you want to add. There’s also a MiniPlayer version for desktops, track recommendations if you’re undecided on what you fancy playing next and iCloud integration which means you can start watching a film on one device and continue watching it from where you left it on another device, which supports iCloud, whenever it suits. There’s even an offline feature so you can listen to your library when you can’t get a signal.

Whenever there’s a new phone about to hit the market, there’s always a flurry of speculation and leaks as to what the new handset is going to look like. Judging by some pictures (see below) we’ve seen of the new Blackberry 10, we’re expecting the eagerly awaited L-series smartphones to be around about the same size as the popular Nokia Lumia 820s. It certainly looks a bit bigger than the iPhone 5 and reasonably ‘chunkier’ than some of its contemporaries but time will tell. Watch this space for more updates on the Blackberry 10s as we get it...

If you have a few hundred spare quid to spend and you like a bit of bling, check out the somewhat eye-wateringly expensive iPhone camera cases which (he of The Voice and Black Eyed Peas fame) has designed for the iPhone 4 and iPhone4S (see below). Starting at £199 for a ‘standard’ case, the cases almost convert your iPhone into a ‘proper’ camera with a choice of 3 different lenses and a flash option. If you stretch yourself and go for the £299 version, you’ll also get a sliding Bluetooth keyboard and some more colour choices. Available only from Selfridges, cases for the iPhone 5 are also apparently in the pipeline and will be hitting stores sometime in the near future.


Christmas has come early for EE’s 4G customers with news that they have increased their data allowances by up to 60 per cent, free of charge. As part of EE’s ‘commitment to offering customers the best value and choice from our plans’, the 2GB plan automatically increases to 3GB, the 3GB to 5GB and the highest 5GB plan now goes up to 8GB. This move no doubts answers some of EE’s critics who questioned the original data limits and means that EE’s 4G customers have much greater scope to fully use the superfast broadband. EE have also announced a one-month SIM only mobile broadband plan which gives a 5GB data allowance for £15.99 a month with the first month offered free if you sign up in the next few weeks.