Apple_Store_To_Repair_Broken_ScreensBroken to the screen on your iPhone 5C already?  Well, good news  according to reports in the press, Apple are planning on offering in-store replacement screens for their iPhone 5C handsets in their shops from 20th January. The replacement screens are expected to cost around £90 and Apple are apparently hoping to roll out the service to include the iPhone 5S once they have finished trialling it. It's thought that Apple will be offering the screen replacement service in their network of stores around the world with the exception of Canada and Hong Kong.

OK, from mending existing smartphones to buying new ones. Rumours are circulating regarding HTC's next flagship smartphone which will be the sequel to the HTC One. Code-named the 'M8' there's speculation that the new phone will feature two cameras on the rear of the handset. The dual cameras, and a a reported ultrapixel sensor, would hugely improve the quality and depth of photos and editing possibilities. The M8 is also rumoured to include a more powerful Snapdragon processor and a bigger screen with a 5-inch touchscreen being suggested. Sources claim that the M8 will be available at the end of March - watch this space for more news on specs and release dates.

Talking of new phones, Sony have apparently been in talks with Microsoft concerning the possible release of a Sony Windows Phone. It's reported that Sony are keen to expand their range of smartphones to include models which will run on an alternative operating system to Android. Microsoft are no doubt keen to sign-up some more big name mobile phone partners so it will be interesting to see if this relationship goes any further.

And it's not just Sony who are flirting with a new software partner.  Nokia, who are renowned for their Windows Phones, are allegedly all set to release an Android smartphone later this year. The new Nokia Android handset known as 'Normandy' is likely to run on KitKat 4.4.1 and is thought to feature a Snapdragon processor and 5-megapixel camera. It's expected that Nokia will give their new android smartphone a windows-esque user interface and will come in a range of bright colours.

And finally, a little glimpse into the future. Gossip has reached us that Samsung have filed a patent for a 'gesture-control system'. Rather than using your hands or voice to work your mobile phone, you may in the future be able to control it using facial gestures such as a nod or a wink. The Samsung Galaxy S4 already boasts a 'smart pause' feature which will pause a video you're watching if you move your gaze away from the screen so it seems they are keen to develop this technology further. We'll bring you more on this as we get it.