cash-on-tap-london-undergroundLet's start with the great news that if you're an EE customer (and many Chitter Chatter customers are) and you have a NFC compatible phone then very soon you'll be able to make contactless payments using your mobile phone on the London Underground as well as the rest of the London rail network. The new service will start from September 16th and will use EE's Cash on Tap app and is estimated to be available to around half a million current EE users. This is great news for regular travellers and also visitors who will be able to pay for their travel with the tap of their smartphone without having to keep their Oyster card topped up.

Whilst we're on the subject of London, there#s more great news for Londoners with mayor Boris Johnson recently making a pledge that London will have a 5G network by 2020. The 5G plan for London is part of a huge investment plan for infrastructure in the capital which will also include energy and transport as well as communications technology. Alongside bringing 5G to London, a review of broadband speeds for all areas of the city will be undertaken to identify any blackspots which need rectifying.

Something arriving considerably earlier than 2020 is the UK version of the Windows Phone virtual assistant - and Cortana is set for an accent change. The virtual Personal Assistant is already available in the USA and is voiced by Jen Taylor of Halo Game fame but it seems that she will not be the voice of the UK Cortana much to the disappointment of Halo fans. The UK version of Cortana will have a distinctly British accent, although we don't know if the voice will be a celebrity.   The UK version of Cortana should be with us in the next month or so with speculation that Microsoft may also make it compatible for using Cortana in cars as well.

And finally, if you tend to send texts when you've had too much to drink and very soon regret it then there's a new app for your smartphone which is worth a look. Wiper, which is available free for iOS and Android, is a new messaging app where you can text and voice chat as well as sending friends photos and videos. The main advantage it has over other messaging apps is that as the name suggests you can 'Wipe' out any parts of the message or media files from the recipients devices as well as your own if you no longer want the information on view. The information is also wiped from the company's servers so it can never be restored. In case your contact tries to save any of the conversation data or forward it onto anyone else, similar to Snapchat you will get an alert so you know what is being done. Definitely worth downloading if you often text things you live to regret!