Depressed about the demise of Orange Wednesday? Fear not, EE will shortly be offering their customers a new film experience in conjunction with Starting on the 30th March, EE's new Film Club venture will offer EE customers the opportunity to rent recent blockbuster films as well as older movies and classics for just £1 per film. Research has found that around 30 per cent of adults in the UK stream or download films every week and offers an app compatible with smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and game consoles via which the bargain films can be watched.

Windows_10Talking of new things, the new version of Windows - Windows 10 - is on the way.  Of course, we already knew that Windows 10 was coming this year but this week it was confirmed it will be coming in the Summer. Even better than that, the upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 will be absolutely free, whether you're upgrading a PC, laptop or your Microsoft/Nokia smartphone.

Owe a friend some money and haven't got any cash on you? Fear not, Facebook have the solution for you. They've unveiled an innovative new payments system which can be used with Facebook Messenger which enables users to send money to their Facebook friends. All you have to do is enter your debit card details and put in the currency and amount and you can transfer payments using Android, iOS or your desktop.  Even better, there are no fees to pay. The Facebook Messenger payment system will be introduced in the USA over the next few months.. We're hoping it will be rolled out to the UK at some point in the near future.

NintendoAnd finally, some good news for all your  mobile gamers out there - Japanese games-maker Nintendo are teaming up with another Japanese company called DeNA to make Nintendo games for mobile devices as well as setting up an online gaming community. Nintendo have announced that new and original games will be created specifically for smart devices instead of existing games which have been designed for use on their 3DS and Wii U home consoles. DeNA have previously made freemium mobile games with in-app purchases and have also recently launched Transformers and Marvel mobile games. It's thought that a Nintendo Online Membership Service which will bring together gamers using tablets, smartphones, desktops and Nintendo games consoles will be launched in the Autumn.