Pebble's New SmartWatch

Called the Pebble Time Round, this smartwatch is thin, light weight and a good example of how technology can adapt from tradition. It will start retailing in the UK later this year but it's already a hot topic online.



Facebook's Dislike Button

After denying rumours about a Dislike button on the social network, Facebook has now announced that it is planning one after all. However, the button's use is for expressing sympathy, rather than hate or anger.



Apple Electric Car Coming Soon

Taking its leadership in 'mobile' to another level, Apple is working on an electric car, reports say. By the end of the decade, expect a minivan-like electric car to be released by Apple. Code-named Project Titan, it begins where the previous project CarPlay stops. It's no longer about software that works with automobile dashboards and your smartphone but a vehicle that's as intuitive, connected and easy to use as an iPhone. This is going to be a game changer!

[caption id="attachment_2288" align="alignnone" width="625"]Apple Car via BGR Apple Car via BGR[/caption]


Emoji Keyboard


If this video isn't hilarious enough, the fact that the maker of the Emoji Keyboard calls it 'ridiculous' makes us give it a thumbs up.

This mega keyboard uses 1,000 individually placed stickers that allow you to send an emoji for virtually every expression or event. Which one's your favourite?