air hockey, sony air hockey

There's always a lot happening in the world of technology and mobile, so here's our round up of the best stories this week.

Sony was at the SXSW show in Austin, Texas and they demonstrated their light projection and sensor technology with the most high-tech air hockey game you have ever seen. Four players battled it out on a table that had a mix of real and virtual pucks - apparently the augmented reality game felt and looked like the real thing. Read more here.

The Mobile World Congress has just finished and there was definitely a clear trend with the flagship phones that were on display or announced at the event. It looks like it will be all about glass backs, as phones from Sony, Samsung, LG and Nokia all featured a glass design. Why is this the trend? Glass isn't as durable as aluminium but it does give a heavy, premium feel. Also, aluminium isn't compatible with wireless charging. Which do you prefer glass or metal?

kitty hawk cora

Kitty Hawk, a company funded by Google founder Larry Page, has unveiled Cora, which is an electric, self-flying air taxi that can cover 100 km on a single charge. The aircraft is just about to begin testing in New Zealand and wants to launch in the next 3 years. Could we all be flying to work in the near future?

FitBit has launched a new smartwatch called Versa. It is aimed more at the mass market than FitBit's first smartwatch, Ionic, which was firmly targeted at serious fitness enthusiasts. The watch tracks workouts, sleep quality, heart rate and offers a new feature for menstrual cycle tracking. See all the details here.

We don't recommend trying this with your new phone, but YouTube user JerryRigEverything has tested the durability of the Samsung Galaxy S9 with a knife and lighter. The phone performed well and you can see the video here.

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