Apple introduced Animoji with the launch of the iPhone X last year. These were animated emojis that could map characters on to your face and imitate your movements. Now Apple has announced Memojis, which are personalised to look like you. You can update your look with different hats, skin or hair. See all the details here.

At their developer conference, Apple also announced a new Walkie Talkie feature for the Watch. Just like it sounds, you will be able to send audio messages in real-time from your watch to another watch owner. A friend has to accept an invitation before you can send a message. Messages are sent instantly over Wi-fi or mobile signal. The person receiving the message hears a beep and then it comes through. This could lead to awkward situations, but you are able to set a do not disturb option.

Digital wellbeing tools were also revealed by Apple for iOS 12. You will be able to limit time on certain apps and schedule phone downtime for children. Also, you can look at your own usage of iPads or iPhones and see how often you pick up the phone and which apps are used the most. You will be able to block notifications at night or for a certain time. These should all be useful features to help manage phone use.

The E3 Gaming conference has been on this week, so there have been exciting announcements for games fans. Microsoft revealed they are working on the next version of the Xbox. Bethesda revealed details of the next Elder Scrolls game, a new Fallout game and a brand new game called Starfield. There were also updates on new Star Wars, Spiderman and Assassin's Creed games. Check out this summary of all the news from E3.