sega megadrive

Retro games machines have been a popular product recently, so hot on the heels of the mini versions of Nintendo games machines, Sega has announced that it is going to release a mini megadrive. The mini console will include a large number of pre-loaded games with the final line-up yet to be announced. Let's hope we see the likes of  Sonic, Streets of Rage or Golden Axe, so we can re-live those classic titles. Find out more here.

Samsung has released a new phone called the J2 Pro which can't connect to the Internet. Don't be concerned, this isn't a strange new direction for the mobile innovator, but a Korea-only device that is aimed at older consumers who want a simple phone and students who don't want to be distracted during their studies. Could you cope with an old style dumb phone?

No one likes to get spam phone calls on their phone. Google has created a new feature that will send suspected spam calls straight to voicemail. The Android phone app already hi-lights suspected spam calls by turning the screen red. This new feature should be coming to Android phones in the next few weeks.

Google has released an addictive new word game called Semantris that is powered by their machine learning. It's a word association game where you score points for quickly typing words closely matched to a suggestion. There is also a Tetris-like version where typing the words helps to solve a puzzle. Check it out here.