polaroid mint

Remember the old Polaroid cameras that used to be a novelty because they produced an instant printed photo, which you had to wave around to develop? Polaroid have updated the concept for the social media generation with the Polaroid Mint. The 16 megapixel camera is naturally set to portrait mode for those Instagram snaps and has a viewfinder and simple settings. It makes 2 x 3 inch prints with the traditional white border, as well as other modes such as vintage, black and white and vibrant colour. You can choose to include the border or use the whole space. See all the details here.

Samsung has filed a patent with the US patent office which hints at a future true all-screen Galaxy phone. The concept shows no bezels on the bottom or sides of the phone and a thin bezel with no notch at the top. It will be exciting to see how this is incorporated into future phones.

Google's Android Wear has up to now powered smartwatches by other manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. Android Wear is now called Wear OS and it looks like Google will make it's own Pixel Watch to take on the Apple Watch. Rumours point to up to three Pixel Watches coming later this year.

pokemon quest

A new free to play mobile game has arrived from Nintendo. It is called Pokemon Quest and will be available on iOS and Android. The cute graphics send you off to explore an island called Tumblecube where you can fight mini-monsters and collect power ups. Get the full lowdown on the game here.