Let's take a look at what has been happening this week in the world of technology.

First up, Tamagotchis are back! Remember the popular button-pushing toys from the 90s where you had to keep the tiny pixellated creatures alive? Bandai Namco are releasing a new mobile game called My Tamagotchi Forever. It is an enhanced version of the original toy - you still have to care for your virtual pet and clean up after it, but there are also mini-games, dressing up and the chance to take a selfie with your pet. Read more here.

Google Lens is arriving on iOS as part of an update to the Google Photos app. Google Lens is a visual search engine that will identify objects and people when you point it at them, so you could recognise landmarks, famous people or a piece of art and then access more information. It is going to be developed to include abilities such as counting calories in meals or removing objects from photos.

Bidding has opened for the spectrum required to run 5G services in the UK. All the main networks are bidding for their part of the airwaves, with the first commercial 5G services expected to start in 2020. As well as faster services for your mobile or tablet, 5G will also be used for the Internet of Things meaning that objects like self-driving cars or sensors around cities can be connected to the Web. Find out more here.

Google has announced a whole range of Augmented Reality (AR) apps are coming to Android mobiles based on its ARCore technology. The apps use a phone's camera to track your position and then place digital objects into the real world for immersive experiences like the popular Pokemon Go game. New games include a Walking Dead spin-off where you can fight zombies in the real world, plus a room planning app from IKEA. See what's coming here.

Battle Royale games are the latest craze - if you have been struggling to beat the other 99 players in Fortnite, here's some tips to help you stay alive for longer.