galaxy-s6-exquisitely-crafted-desktopEver read the manual that comes with your latest gadget? Thought not. Who does?  And who needs to, because gadgets are so much more intuitive than they were years ago.

However, after a couple of hours of playing around with our new phones, we can settle into a comfortable routine and miss out on some fun, useful and time saving features.  Here are a few you might not have come across on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Enable Keyboard Swipe

If you're a fan of the keyboard swipe method of typing on your smartphone then you may not know it but this can be enabled on your Samsung Galaxy S6. All you have to do is locate an app where you use the keyboard such as 'Messages' and open up a text box. At the bottom of your phone's screen you'll see the cog button, long press on it in order to bring up a pop-up. In the pop-up is another cog icon, tap on this to bring up the keyboard menu and then choose Keyboard Swipe and Continuous Input to activate.

Super Quick Camera Launch

The Galaxy S6 boasts a fantastic 16-megapixel camera on the rear. Did you know that you can launch the camera app in less than a second (0.7 seconds to be precise)? It's very easy to do, simply double tap on the S6 home button and get taking those photos.

Declutter the Software

Streamline the software on your Samsung Galaxy S6 to get rid of any unwanted apps. This makes using your smartphone a whole lot simpler and it can also improve its performance and battery life. Find the apps menu at the top of your S6 display on the right hand side, select the 'edit' button and the Apps which are possible to delete will feature a minus symbol next to them. Choose which of these apps you want to remove and they can be deleted straight away.

Private Mode

If you want to keep your personal and business files and documents separate then why not use the Private Mode on your Galaxy S6? It also means you can store anything confidential securely away without the risk of the kids accidentally deleting or editing it. It's pretty straightforward to set up, firstly go into the Settings menu followed by Privacy and Safety and then select Private Mode. Documents which you want to move into Private Mode can be selected on your phone by choosing the 'More' button within the relevant apps.

Speed up your Downloads

The Galaxy S6 has a Download Booster feature which can be enabled to speed up the downloading of any files or updates which are bigger than 30MB. It uses a combination of 4G and Wifi and it can be set up by accessing Settings, More Connection Settings and Download Booster. It's worth double checking your monthly data allowance before you enable it.