All the big tech brands are at the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (don't worry, we can't pronounce that either, so let's stick to "IFA", shall we?) event this week.

IFA is where the year's latest gadgets, product innovations in various categories including wearables, smart homes, apps, robots, and more, are showcased.

Lasting till the 9th, IFA is where all the international brands will make their announcements for the second half of the year. Let's take a look at some of the big trends that are unfolding at the event.


Luxury Is The New Norm

Smart watches are no longer just functional - there's an element of finesse, style in the bezels and curves that the new products that Samsung & LG launched. Take the Samsung Gear S2 smart watch - loaded with functionality, it has a beautifully rounded display with a rotating bezel. It's smooth, modern and lets you take calls without the need for a phone, besides the requisite features such as a heart rate monitor and wireless payments.

And taking the unconventional route is LG's Urbane Watch Luxe - with a beautiful gold metal body and an alligator leather strap giving it that extra oomph while you catch up on tweets and browse Facebook. The ZenFone Watch 2 from ASUS is also expected to be launched at the IFA which has a crown! Yes, it does! And Swarovski crystals too.

[caption id="attachment_2162" align="alignnone" width="720"]via Recombu via Recombu[/caption]

Bigger Is Always Better

Larger tablets, screens and accessories are in. Sony gave its Xperia Z5 a 4K resolution display and amped up the camera to 23 megapixels. Acer went all in with the Predator 6 - a smartphone for gamers that has a 10-core processor. Intel apparently has a 360-degree selfie stick that records 4K video while the LG G Pad II tablet now has a 10.1 inch display.



Tech Goes Science Fiction-ey

From Philips' Hue Lightstrip Plus to flexible displays from LG and home appliances that can be controlled from an app while you're in the office like the Botvac Connected robot from Neato and an X-ray fridge from Haier that automatically lights up when you walk towards it and shows you the groceries inside with a mellow translucent glow.



What did you like amongst these products shown?