iPhone5C-Blue_pr231_1If, like us, you use your phone rather a lot, keeping the battery going between charges can sometimes be a challenge especially if you're on the go with little opportunity to charge it up. Here are our top tips to squeeze the most power out of your iPhone battery. Go on give them a go you could extend your battery life by around 20 per cent by doing the following.

1. If you've got an iPhone 5s or 5c then disable the parallax effect which is a big drain on batteries - go into the 'Reduce Motion' setting and enable it.

2. Tone down the brightness of your screen by going into the Settings and Wallpapers & Brightness menu and disabling the 'Auto Brightness'.

3. To switch of all vibration settings - head for Settings followed by Sounds.

4. Stop all of those automatic app and music downloads as well as automatic app updates from iTunes and the Apple App Store by disabling them in your iTunes & App Store settings.

5. Set your screen to turn off after a short period of being inactive (eg: after one minute) by minimising the auto-lock time in the General Settings menu.

6. Turn-off your Wifi when you're not using it or are in an area where you're out of wifi range. It's also worth turning off your Bluetooth when you don't need it as this will help to conserve the battery.

7. However if you're using your browser then enable Wifi if you have access to Wifi nearby as it uses far less battery than the data on your phone does.

8. Another great way to eke out your battery is to switch off 4G/LTE (go into Settings and Cellular) as 3G uses less battery too.

9. Turn off the 'Frequent Locations' setting by going into the Location Services option (found via Settings and Privacy.)

10. Disable AirDrop when you don't need it by going into the Control Center and switching it off.

11. If you're not using Siri's 'Raise to Speak' functionality then this will also allow your battery to work more efficiently, disable it by going into your Settings menu, followed by General and choose the Siri option.

12. Stop data refreshing for background apps which are not essential. To do this go into General on your Settings menu and disable the Background App Refresh option.