A slow motion selfie? You're right. They're more entertaining than you think and a key feature of the iPhone 11.

One of the highlights of the last Apple Event was the unveiling of 'slofies' - something Apple is flagging as a key feature of their new iPhone 11.

Apple has now released not one but two adverts on YouTube to promote the ‘slofie’ feature of the iPhone 11 11 Pro. These two devices are the first iPhone to support slo-mo video recording with the front facing camera, at 120 frames a second, so you can hold out the phone in front of your face to record yourself looking cool in great surroundings.


The term ‘slofie’ was mentioned on stage when Apple announced the iPhone 11 but the word isn’t actually used anywhere within the iOS (operating system) of the phone. If you want to take a ‘slofie’, you need to basically just take a slo-mo video using the front-facing camera app but it is yet another stroke of marketing genius on Apple’s part to bring the feature to life and own it by giving it a catchy name.

So why can’t I take a ‘slofie’ on my iPhone XR?

The option to take a slo-mo selfie on any iPhone on other than an iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro just isn’t there. You can take a video of yourself or a photo of yourself but flick the mode to slo-mo?m Unfortunately not. You could turn the phone around using the main video camera in slo-mo but that would be highly risky as you would have to guess whether you were in shot or not.

The fact that Apple demonstrates this feature outside with snowboarders means that it obviously suggests that you do something cool that is actually worth capturing in slo mo. Sitting in one place trying to work out where the camera is with your phone back to front = not so cool.

Is the ‘slofie’ going to be as successful as the ‘selfie’? Doubtful as watching a slo-mo vid is tedious enough unless it is of something worth slowing down but time will tell…Once again, Apple are to be saluted for the way they manage to distill their marketing into short, punchy and meaningful content never over-complicating the message or being too flashy or pompous with the delivery.

They have also highlighted a feature of the phone that you may not have noticed or cared about before you heard the term ‘slofie’.


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