If you keep hearing about people switching to SIM only to reduce their bill but you're not sure how to or what it is? This is for you.

SIM only plans have been around for years and millions of people across the UK pick them as their go to choice when choosing a mobile network.

They cost less money per month than buying a plan with a phone included and usually come with a shorter contract period, meaning you're free to look for a better deal sooner if you're not happy with the network or the plan you're on.

A SIM only plan includes minutes, texts and data but no phone. You'll need to either use your existing mobile phone or purchase a new (or refurbished) phone separately. That's why the monthly cost is lower.

How long are SIM only contracts?

Contract lengths for SIM only plans vary from 30 days (a rolling contract, like a Netflix subscription) to 24 or even 36 months.

The longer the contract, supposedly the lower the monthly cost but that is not always the case.

We find that as a rule, 30 day and 12 month SIM only plans offer the best value for money.

Do I need a credit check for SIM only?

The answer is; depends on the network and plan.

30 day plans don't usually require any credit check so are useful if you've been declined for a mobile contract (or don't want a credit check on your credit file).

12 month+ plans usually require a check, although it's unlikely to be as stringent as a check for mobile phone contract as there is no hardware involved. Each network has their own credit check rules.

Which networks offer SIM only plans?

All major networks and MVNOs offer SIM only plans.

That means you can pick one up from an independent retailer like Chitter Chatter :), or from the network themselves.

Vodafone, Three, EE and O2 all offer SIM only plans. MVNOs such as GiffGaff, Lebara, Voxi and Smarty do too.

Will I need a PAC code for SIM only?

If you're switching networks and want to keep your current mobile number, you'll need a PAC.

You can request it for free from your current network via text message - a full guide can be found here.

If you're happy to take a new phone number, then no PAC is required.

Which network has the best SIM only plans?

Every network is in a constant battle to retain existing customer and attract new customers with impressive SIM only deals. Offers change weekly, so you're best bet is to check on the day who has the best deal for you.

We keep all our best SIM only deals from the networks we sell in one place - they can be found here.

Want to know more about SIM only and how it can reduce you bill? Here are 10 reasons to switch to SIM only.

If you have a question about SIM only, feel free to tweet us on Twitter or message us on Facebook and we'll be happy to help.

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