Following on from last week’s Chitter Chatter news roundup, we have some more exciting updates to share on the new Blackberry 10s which will be officially launched on the 30th January 2013.

With plans to hold several launch events at various locations around the globe, Blackberry will be unveiling 2 new Blackberry 10 smartphones  - one with a traditional keyboard and one which will have a touchscreen.  It’s expected that information on the availability of the new BB10 handsets will be disclosed in the not so distant future, there are rumours they could be in the shops by February of next year.

Research In Motion (RIM) have been hitting the publicity trail with their new BB10s and keen to demo their new smartphones.  Here’s the low down on what you can expect from them:

  • Keyboard – impressive and super responsive with great attention to detail right down to the sound of the ‘click’ when you type. It will even adjust to your particular typing, learning which keys you often mis-hit and autocorrecting them.
  • Personal & work modes – RIM have concentrated on their strengths, namely their popularity with businesses, and have designed a great feature which means you can switch between work and personal modes with different apps available depending on which mode you choose to be in. It also means users can switch off from their work emails if they wish and avoids any accidental broadcasting of sensitive company information.
  • One inbox – all your comms be it emails, texts, BBMs or tweets download into the same inbox. The display can be customised to categorise them into the different comms formats so you can view one type at a time. Personal and work emails can be kept separate (in the 2 different modes) or can be configured to display both in the same inbox.
  • Browser – Webkit based and controlled by swiping the screen and pinching to zoom in and out. Comes with a reader mode which simplifies the format and makes the text easier to read so you don’t need to keep zooming in. The share button means that it’s quick and easy to forward on links.
  • Contacts – as well as phone numbers & email details, you can also access recent information that your contact has posted on LinkedIn and other social network sites. You can also pull up the latest online search results for that particular contact.
  • Camera – comes complete with the handy Timeshift feature which allows you to select your shot from a mini video it automatically films. You can rewind and fast forward to choose the most flattering individual poses and then combine it with the best composition to tailor make your image.

All in all the Blackberry 10 features look extremely promising and will undoubtedly be very appealing to their loyal fans

We’re looking forward to get the new handsets into our stores to try them out for ourselves!