framy-app-android-ipad-release-dateThe Framy app only launched for iOS last month but it's already hugely popular and getting fantastic reviews. So what is Framy? Why is it so hot? And when will it be available on Android?

Framy is a fun app which lets you customise your photos by choosing from a huge selection of animations. There's unlimited entertainment to be had from also dressing up the people in your photos in various clothes and accessories. The person's face remains the same but the rest is entirely up to you! If you like the Elf Yourself app then we're pretty sure you'll love this one too. You can also give your friends and family a good giggle as you can share your Framy creations on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

So why is Framy so hot right now? Well it's created a big buzz on the social media networks, it's free and it's something different to the usual apps which make your photos more beautiful. You'll certainly get your photos noticed on your social media feeds with a Framy customised picture!

So when Framy will be available to download for Android smartphones? Initially Framy was only released for iPhones and the iPad, however it's just been announced that the developers are expecting the Android version to be ready for download later this month. They've also promised some new features for Framy which will be released at the same time so look out for the Framy App in the Google Play Store over the next few weeks.